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Bornstein. Social Entrepreneurship (2010)

Written By: Paulson Pulikottil - Jul• 19•12

Bornstein, David, and Susan Davis. Social entrepreneurship. What everyone needs to know. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. pages: 147. ISBN: 9780195396331.
This book falls into three parts: “Defining Social Entrepreneurship”, “Challenges of causing change” and “Envisioning an innovative society.”
In the first part the authors try to define Social Entrepreneurship by providing us a historical sketch of the movement. The emergence of the movement, the pioneers and what it tries to achieve are presented here. We also get a clear picture of this by way of comparing and contrasting it with business entrepreneurship and activism. In this section the authors also explain its relationship to democracy.
In the second part, the various challenges that the social entrepreneurs have to face are discussed. The challenges fall into two major areas. The first is finding the capital and the second is finding talented workers. The authors discuss how to overcome these hurdles financial and human resource hurdles.
In the third part, the authors have their suggestions about how educational institutions can nurture social innovators. It also discusses  how governments can engage with the social entrepreneurs. The symbiosis between business and social entrepreneurship is another crucial topic discussed here. The social entrepreneurship can also influence journalism.
This is simple but all in one book on social entrepreneurship. Everything one need to know about social entrepreneurship and how to get involved is presented in a nutshell.

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